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Issue 12 - Page 22

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I love how the RCSI and the fae are just sort of standing around like people around a water cooler at an office.
Iron Ed
Great expressions in that last panel; especially on the women. :-)
Ted Schiller
The two fae are dressed similar to the RCSI agents. Would they be guards for the fae queens? The short one as well?
The sad part is, that gnome is probably telling the truth.
Never underestimate a little guy with a pointy hat!
Huh. Even the fey are like, "Bored now! Is it time to go yet?" Like the agents, uninterested in the situational politics, aching to get back home for a nightcap and the Late Show.
Far be it for me to poke fun at the fae, but shouldn't that gnome be doing more important things, like guarding Darc's garden?
At least the little guy knows were his priorities lay.
I get the feeling the Commander and the big guys have been here before, waiting for their bosses to get stuff over and done with. Love the last panel XD
Yep, the Queens confer, and the guards stand around and talk about how similarly boring their jobs are. Nice touch!
Ted Schiller
But to a guard, boring is good. :)