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Issue 12 - Page 21

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I'm uncertain that actively rubbing their inability to catch a few mortals in their faces is, you know, a sound strategy. But hey, what do I know? It's not like I'm Chuck Norris, or anything.
I've been lurking again, shame on me. I am trying to figure out the Queen's strategy...she has to have a plan. Just pissing off Fae isn't going to really do well if they decide the treaty isn't worth upholding.
I'd like to point something out, the fey (at least the fey in our universe) are both creatures of chaos and order, when they give their word or make a contract said bargains are binding to the fey (by the way it is best to make bargains with fey using "literal" languages, a good example being Latin), and as such are very difficult for them to break without bending the word and spirit of the contract.
Is it just me or does the British Queen look rather proud in the final panel