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Issue 12 - Page 20

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Ya know, that's a damned good question. Why do they roam about in FAE? Unless they ate Fae food....
that eye in the 2nd panel has too be the coldest I've every seen! O.o winter is awesome like that
Queen didn't blink! I can't wait to see were you take this.
Maybe the Queen should ask why their Fae are roaming about in the mortal world without invitation?
I think that particular matter's already been settled, with the fae playing by the rules and only really mucking about once every 7 years. On the Isles, at least. Perhaps things are different in other parts of the world.
The Wanderer
Winter really has the Stink Eye down pat, doesn't she?
But someone /isn't/ playing by the rules. Puck's companion is here and it hasn't been 7 years yet since his run-in with Hunter. As for why the collared are running around in Fae, maybe they were abducted and can't leave without assistance.
Technically, he hasn't broken any rules yet. And it may well be that if he can get Max to strike first, that means it's open season. On Max, at any rate. We'll need a WOG on this, obviously. Orrr, we can wait a few more pages, and the truth will most likely be revealed.
Dun dun dun .... dang, she's awfully chipper about that isn't she?