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2012-03-30 07:33:23 
Oh... THOSE Rules. Yeah, indebted to the Fae is a Very Bad Thing, and a Fae indebted to you will take every chance to get out of it, up to and including putting your life in danger just to 'save you' and release the debt (or make you indebted to them in turn).
2012-03-30 07:52:23 
You know, I didn't actually know these rules 'til a friend scolded me about it? Had to change one of my stories so that the protagonist didn't thank the fae that helped her (though she rescued his daughter in doing so so...) Probably should go through the climax of that story again to see what else I missed.
Darls Chickens
2012-03-30 17:17:35 
Rules sure work differently in my realm. When I give you a gift, that gift is a gift. You don't owe me anything. Same with aid; pay it forward. The food? I dunno. It saved Chihiro from vanishing completely.
2012-04-01 00:48:15 
"During the Treaty Night, no blood is to be shed, either yours or the fey." Right, so swords are out, but you could still defend yourself with your trust El Kabonger, right?
Iron Ed
2012-04-01 11:05:02 
You certainly could the way I played it! :-)
Iron Ed
2012-04-01 11:12:33 
OFF TOPIC! Hi Darc! Is there a trick to commenting on your "Between the Panels" sketch blog? I've tried it a few times but my posts just seem to disappear into the ether. Apparently I'm doing SOMEthing wrong... ;-) Thanks! Ed
2012-04-01 13:28:46 
That's odd. There shouldn't be, but my blog's been acting oddly about comments lately. I'll look into I here in a bit. Sorry about the trouble. :(
HEX the Dark
2012-04-01 18:01:30 
I experienced the same problem, but thought it was me...
Dilute water
2012-04-02 06:48:37 
Omigoodness. Heated swords = large scale cautery...bleeding issue solved! Hope Hunter manages to mention his stalker before he becomes too much trouble.
2012-07-06 22:33:55 
You forgot the rule that you're never to make a promise to or strike a deal with a fey. And the simple observation: Fey only rarely follow their own rules.