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Issue 12 - Page 16

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I choose to believe that lycanthropy, in this universe, renders you incapable of rational thought. I have to believe that, because if that's not the case, and executions were simply easier, then there are no more heroes.
Lycanthropy, in CNH, is a nasty nasty disease. In infected hounds (it only targets hounds), during the full moon, it creates a ravenous, rage filled engine of destruction. Any wounds on a hound usually results in immediate infection. A single werewolf can spread lycanthropy among hundreds of victims each full moon, and that doesn't include the ones that are just outright killed or mauled.
That just gave me a new and rather horrifying view of The Hound of Baskerville.
In panel 10, the prince really reminds me of Fievel (from An American Tail.)
I think all of RCSI hopes that they had devolved into mere beasts. But, from the pain in his eyes, I fear more than one of his friends were amongst those "Put-Down".
Ted Schiller
Brought to you by Chekhov Firearms. Yes, Chekhov Firearms, the quality you need when it absolutely, positively has to be used. :)
Shannon Love
Actually, having one eye makes one a better shot. Stereoscopic depth perception only operates out to about 15ft (3m) and beyond the illusion of depth is the result of the brain using size of objects and other clues to distance. I had my right eye poked out at birth and while interfered with me catching balls, it made me a crack shot because I never had to ignore the input from the eye not looking down the sight. I grew up on a farm/ranch in Texas so that really came in handy.
That's definitely good to know, but I would imagine that most of the situations where an agent might need to use a firearm will involve pistols in close quarters combat (they're operating in an urban area and probably are not officially licensed to carrying firearms), where depth perception absolutely comes in handy.
FYI, I understand that US police experience is, shootouts are almost always at 25 feet or less. Even with practice, cops put a bullet on target about 1 out of 4, the bad guys, 1 in 10.
In cqb limiting 1 eye is a serious handicap. It's not just depth perception, peripheral vision is a must. Also depends on if he were right handed or left. Being limited to weak or off side eye to hand would also be severely detrimental. As for mid to longer range open field, target, hunting ect... Having 1 eye would not be restricting.
Guess in this universe lycanthropy is a supernatural canine type of rabies.