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Issue 12 - Page 13

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some one is going to break the rules it seems. i feel sorry for all involved when word of this gets to the Queens.
Ah, poor Puck... Why do I get the feeling he may be playing both ends against the middle before the night's through? oh, right, it's Puck.
Random Guy
That's quite a lot of clothing for Puck; just look at Mickey Rooney's portrayal of Puck in the first film rendition of A Midsummer's Nights' Dream.
It gets rather cold in England this time of year.
Why wait three more years? Because you've already live several hundred, and three more should seem like the exact amount of time it takes you to start stumbling home from a wild party? Think about it, man! What could be more fun than doing battle with your quarry with a really bad hangover?
This is about 'FACE' , status before his peers, Momma he was mean to me! And I NEED to get even! This one isn't thinking straight, and he's wide open for Puck and his games.
Random Guy
When one has to put up with centuries of ridicule from ones peers for being wounded by a mortal, one tends toward swift revenge.
Puck's comments in the last panel suggest that Gavin's been exaggerating his defeat a wee bit