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It's Hunter's arch-enemy! Speed lines!
Careful, Hunter! Those suckers are quick! ;P
Random Guy
I bet the kid inherited Moraines powers.
The kid must have inherited Moraines powers. Moraine herself mentioned that her grandson was a magical ticking time bomb very close to the time were we first met Hunter, if i remember right.
I wonder if there's a sword around the corner displayed with a suit of armor. The kid's safety is more important than complaining about him damaging a 'museum piece' in combat.
It would probably be better if Hunter doesn't have a sword. Then the Queens can't say he broke the peace accord. The Fae after them, however....
Even then, Moraine might be able to weasel out of it. The accord specifies that members of one court shall not harm members of another court. So, depending on exactly what constitutes a "court," he may still get a pass. Is there ANY way to add a line break in these comments?
Hera Ledro
Actually, the accord specifies that neither party can draw blood. Harming one's ego, however, is perfectly in bounds ;D
Excuse me, but considering we had to limit the amount of comment space permitted due to people abusing our good will earlier, do you really want to waste your limited space on a line break?
Well, when you put it *that* way, line breaks suddenly don't seem so important.
If you want them, please email Matt and be polite about it. I believe we've mentioned this before. He won't look at changing anything unless it ends up in his email. We're both busy people. Once I'm off this page, I forget your concerns until I see them again. And Matt almost never checks the page. So please, use the email if it's important to you. Thank you.
Duly noted, ma'am. No disrespect meant.
Notice the shadow on the right...
as long as no one attacks / does harm then the accord is not violated right? also when did you guys limit reply space?
A few weeks ago. There's plenty of space. We're just trying to discourage rambling comments which have nothing to do with the comic at hand.
Some people seem to think a comic is a great place to get on their political/religious soap boxes, and I don't have time to monitor each comment closely lately. :(
I'm actually not clear on the accord. It seems to indicate that a member of one court will not harm another (which I touched upon above), but also that the fey can hunt mortals and RCSI will be out in force to stop them.
I believe that in this instance, "Court" refers to only during the meeting to discuss/renew the treaty and try the good Queen Mum's patience. If so, then that would include The queen and her Retinue.. Those in/of the palace.