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Issue 12 - Page 10

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He should tell the story to stall for time.
Actually, I do believe that is what he IS doing. In the sneaky, underhanded "Oh, you don't wanna know about THIS..." reverse-psychology way :) Mention something to pique the kid's interest, then say it's too long to go into.. it almost demands to be answered with "Aaaww...c'mon telmetellmetellme! Though I do *LOVE* the 'we don't always get what we want" ... ... "you're kidding, right?" LOOK at Max's face to the prince's response to that! LOL
Hera Ledro
I love how good Max is with kids. And I admit, Matthew is ADORABLE. Loved him in the CBR, still love him ^.^ That little patch over his left eye just makes him that much cuter.
Patch. Markings. Fur markings. What were the markings on our little friend who had her magic taken away?
Wynnie? Wynnie had no markings