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Issue 12 - Page 09

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So good to know that Moraine can count on her expertly trained agents to follow orders and not put the young prince in mortal danger. Maybe Hunter will get lucky, and whatever results from this will be less Headless Horseman and more Benny Hill. But I doubt it.
I see a foreshadow in the "control your agents" line. I do not think Mab, Queen of Air and Darkness, Queen of Winter, has as much control over her Fae Lord.
And if one of her own violates the rules... yea, I predict many many bad things will come, and it might not be in winter's favor.
I think about these things way too much... I see these snatching fae and think, "You know, in certain parts of the world they'll practically pay YOU to take people away." Sure you'd be helping evil ethnic cleansers, but that changes the net result how?