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Now roll for initiative.
"19, how does 19 work for ya?!" - Wil Wheaton, Celebrity D&D :D
They have made a very,very,very, stupid mistake
Random Guy
Well the flame did not quite make it. Here's hoping Moraine gained better proficiency over her power with the years.
She has Cherlindrea's wand, we can hope?
Was that a Willow reference? I haven't seen or thought of that movie in eons.
It was, and you're welcome. :D
The Fae, while deadly, are best at illusion and glamour. This is merely a test, to see if they can scare Morraine into showing fear, or better yet scare her to death.
And so, the Cold War analogy continues.
I know I should say something worthwhile about the story, but I'm distracted by the pretty hair of the dark-haired queen.
I think she has a circle of protection the attack was diverted around.
That sounds reasonable. here i was thinking she deflected the attack with she force of will.
I'm thinking it's more of a feint to make her flinch... considering that RCSI is in full attendence, with iron swords at the ready, would they really want to flirt with their own death here?
I disagree. There was no force of will involved in that attack going around Moraine. It just knew better.
I HAFFTA... Moraine - the Chuck Norris of the RCSI world. Even Fae Magical Attacks FEAR striking her.
Karin Klug-Lais
The fey are fickle and perverse(not in the sexual way--stop that), they will bend the spirit and the letter of treaty as far as they can to get one side to break.
And in this case, she that breaks looses all. Ah but she knows this game, and she will stand till she dies to gain time for her grandsons training.