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Issue 12 - Page 07

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So basically, the plan was to save the larger populace from a magical winter or holocaust by allowing the fey to turn one night very 7 years into one giant, free-for-all smash & grab? Fey are confusing
Karin Klug-Lais
And they will twist the letter and spirit of the law every way they can. I have story book full of fairy stories where the bargainer gets what he/she wants but loses everything else in the bargain.
Oh, Aye. Fae be tricksey devils! The slowest of 'em be craftier than a hundred of the top lawyers put t'gether!
You may raid once a night, but I may have my hunters stop you. It's actually a bargain the Fae would find interesting, since it's a challenge. A Hunt. The biggest prize of all would be one of the RSCI, if a Fae could catch him/her. In return, there is equal risk, if the Fae should be caught.
I like that while she gave them that one night, she does all in her power to keep the "reaping" to a minimum. Still a dangerous ploy...and with the way things have been in previous chapters, I have a feeling that something is going to change drastically this time round.
Why was Hunter told he would not need his sword, if his job is to guard against the Fey?
He's supposed to be in a safe zone and keep the prince in a safe zone. This is the Treaty Night right now, not the Hunting Night.
Ah. Young bravado
Blaze Wolf
So the Fey are allowed any mortal, in any location. Only for one night right? Or did she put it in the sense that they are only allowed to combat RSCI agents and they can take them if they win?
Any mortal is my understanding, but agents are permitted to intervene as they see fit. This is what happened to Hunter 7 years previous, you may recall. Except that he fought while NOT an agent, so by twisted fey logic, that particular slight may not count as protected.
Four years prior. It's only been four years since that event. And yes, any mortal. The agents run interference.
the mortals are allowed to fight back aren't they?
Sure they are, if they know how to . . .
Oh, there's a NUMBER of ways of fighting back against the Fae...Each one with it's own risk. I'd prefer a challenge that one has at least 1/1billionth of a chance to win, strength required fights...Hard to come CLOSE to winning with something that can lift a small to medium sized car and PANCAKE you with it. Go for riddles/puzzles.. Then, when they're contemplating the answer, run and find some salt and pour a ring around yerself. :)