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Wow. Moraine is pure badass of late. Good job! And I like the seasons bit for the Courts. I havn't seen that and I practically breathe high fantasy mythos.
I don't really think it's an issue of them not being used to mortals fighting back, not really. I think it's more an issue of Moraine, and in fact all mortals, being crazy. If you give a mortal a task that is impossible, instead of being sensible and giving up, they will find a way to do it. In other words, if Moraine's gamble failed, she'd think of another plan and jump at the fey again saying, "This time for sure!" And when you think about it, facing an enemy they will never stop, never agree to a bargain, and never listen to reason is terrifying. And THAT is why, despite the presence of other, larger, and nominally more powerful countries, Moraine's been running the show ever since the Nazis folded.
I've seen it a few places. The Seelie and Unseelie Courts are referred to as Summer and Winter respectively in the legends that this material is based on, and in a number of settings that are based directly on the legends and myths. Jim Butcher uses the terms in the Dresden Files series, particularly Summer Knight. I believe they also appear in L. Jagi Lamplighter's Prospero's Children series. Among others. Many fantasy authors, though, assume that their target audience is not sufficiently worldly to see them as Summer and Winter, and just goes with the terms Light and Dark. Sufficiently applicable, but leaving a lot unsaid.
Not to mention oWoD: CtD.
Being out of touch for so long, the Fae may not be used to diplomacy in the age of Mutually Assured Destruction. Moraine, however, _is_. It hasn't been revealed in series (I think) whether the history of this world parallels our own to the extent that the nuclear weapons which ended World War II -- or the poison gases and biologicals which date back to World War I -- also exist here. But this world has unfolded a Weapons of Mass Destruction arms race just as our world has, Moraine and her nation have been conceptually wrestling for years with the threat of annihilation at the hands of other powers. The Summer and Winter Queens' threats are just another version of nuclear fire and nuclear winter; just more WMDs in the hands of opposing powers -- and in giant masses of cold iron, against the Fae Moraine possesses WMDs of her own. In our world, historically use of WMDs as final resort options were a part of many war plans -- especially across both sides of the Iron Curtain. If a conventional war had ever broken out in Europe between NATO and the Warsaw Pact, escalation to WMDs was always the final possibility. Both sides had always reserved the possibility of unleashing WMDs as the last card to play. The "Sampson Option", so to speak. The comic of 2/6/12 made it clear England and the Fae were already at war, for all intents and purposes. A war England was badly losing. It's citizens being kidnapped -- and murdered -- at will, the soldiers of RCSI being lost as well. England was under attack and practically prostrate before an opponent capable of striking at will into the very heart of England, an enemy England was failing utterly to turn back. It was a situation just as dire as if the Warsaw Pact had smashed NATO lines, seized air superiority, and was threatening to bomb NATO cities at will. And just NATO might have considered resorting to tactical -- or strategic -- nuclear weapons in a last ditch effort to stop the Soviets, so Moraine is reaching for her own WMDs in a last bid to check the Fae. The last time the Fae dealt with humans, humans neither had WMDs, nor habit of thinking about the strategic implications of them. But they're now dealing with a Queen who just finished surviving a national deathmatch with the Nazis, and who (depending on how far the parallels go between our world and theirs) might have been staring down another with the Soviets. The weapons might be different, but the tactics are the same. And war? War never changes.
Random Guy
So that is why so many parks in England are surrounded with wrought iron...
You MIGHT be onto something there...
Sgt. Howard
Well, actually you are- but not what you think. Iron gates and fences became the norm for English public works ever since Henry Bessimer came up with a process to crank out cheap steel- those fences and gates are low grade steel, not iron.
And now I'm left wondering if, through the wonder of magic, steel produced through the Bessemer process could be transmuted back to iron....
Chakat Firepaw
Remember that the idea of 'cold iron' being something special is a D&Dism. Traditionally, any kind of iron or steel counts, (it's 'cold iron' in the same sense as saying you shot someone with 'hot lead').