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Kidnapping: Always the answer. Either that or Ruby. Also very effective...
What I'm interested to know now is in the fey pay the tithe to Hell because of the bizarre rules of being fey, or if Hell is just SO HARDCORE that there's no way they could just not pay. It's tough being fey. You have the Devil on one side, and Queen Moraine on the other. And I'm pretty sure Hell is only collecting the tithe so they can pay Moraine to not walk through the front gates and roundhouse kick everything into oblivion.
Both probably. One of the usual characteristics of the fey is that they can't lie, and moreover, should it turn out they said something untrue, can be compelled to make it true. They do nothing for free, and if someone does them a favour, will balance the scales. Course you might not like how they choose to do it.
They already had the Son of God leave the place in a disaray and taking a lot of souls with him. There afraid Moraine would finish the job and leave it almost empty :)
Oh, the dangers of memetic fanon. There are, like, 10 different Faerie myths, depending on which time period you pick up their thread. According to the wikis the most likely one we're seeing here is that they are (or are descended from) angels who got stuck out of heaven, but aren't actually demons. The tithe is either tax/rent or "protection" payments to the devil. Of course, having read The Salvation War I'm more inclined to believe it is because the demons are afraid humanity will invade and take over, led by Queen Moraine's roundhouse kicks.
I tell yeah, you have to watch out for Moraine. She'll roll in and mess their stuff up. ;D
Wow, the kid is already advocating genocide.
Most elementary aged kids also support Capital Punishment