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So, what this means is that the reason Gavin wants Max, is so that he can collect his finger nails to pay off his gambling debts to Mephistopheles? Far out, man...
Hmmm, I'm not sure Hunter here is telling the boy an age-appropriate story. He looks pretty scared there. Then again, people may be too protective about what kids are exposed to today, and considering what info the story has dropped about the boy previously, it might be better for him to learn this stuff sooner rather than later...
Hera Ledro
If I recall, Prince Matthew is 10 years old, so this isn't all that inappropriate. And to echo Nebulous, fairy tales in their original forms were far from the Disnified sample we have today. This all comes down to matters of information and whether or not Hunter feels this is approoriate. I do agree that it is definitely better to teach the boy some of this stuff sooner than later, especially some of the lessons you'll see later on in this particular book. He is a person of interest for the Fey, and it is not unreasonable that some Fey might deem it necessary to kidnap the Prince.
Remember that Fairy Tales were not written for children. Disney may have sanitized them, but the Brothers Grimm didn't.
Actually, original Fairy Tales were meant for children; they were cautionary tales meant to scare kids into obedient and safe behaviours. If a story of a bridge troll kept a kid from exploring under a bridge, and ending up being swept down the river to his death, then the fairy tale did its job. Fairy Tales were equal part cautionary tales, and their attempts to understand the unknowns about them.
@ Nebulous... actually they did a little. There's some things in versions even older than theirs which goes from risque to downright explicit.
JoAnn in VA
Fairy tales do not tell children the dragons exist. Children already know that dragons exist. Fairy tales tell children the dragons can be killed. G.K. Chesterton
Karin Klug-Lais
From remembering my fairy tales--the "tithe" occurs every seven years and requires 30 of the best and brightest fey has to offer
Servo: That does not seem like a good bedtime story to tell a 10-year old. Joel: Unless Hunter ends it with the words, " . . . so if I tell you to duck, dive for cover immediately." It seems more like a warning than something intended to get little Prince Mat to nod off. Crow: I don't buy this. With the way people behave, why would Old Scratch need to demand a tithe of souls from the fairies? Check the news and you'll see so many people practically throwing their souls at the Devil, it would be more than a little surprising if he finds time to do anything but dodge.
No role-play in the comments section, please.
Aww, I thought that was funny. I would say that the old fairy tales of both the grim and the Grimm were still children's stories, they were simply children's stories for a rougher, nastier time. Fairies and the Fey were fundamentally a cautionary allegory about the forest and the wild, which was still quite deadly and dangerous. The change from beautiful sociopathic people eaters to beautiful wonderments being destroyed by lack of imagination and encroaching modernity also rather effectively describe our relationship to the wild and the woods today, funnily enough. The injection of jesus into the equation was done when the church was wandering around borg-assimilating every last scrap of magic and supernatural nonsense in their dualist "jesus or satan" memetic monstrances. Which is too bad, I find stories that use christianity with their supernatural to be...discomforting. Long-winded reasons aside, I like my jesus at arms-length and outside most of my fiction. Side note, something is up with the comment thingy, it has kicked me back multiple pages (and deleted everything I had written so far) more times than I can count.
Yes, it was funny and cute, but role-play can quickly overtake a comment section. So, it's best to keep that to the forum. :D
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Dewi Morgan
Hah, I was about to report that bug myself, with some suggested code to fix. Will email.
Just because it mentions Hell, doesn't mean it drags Christianity into it. Many older cultures believed Hell was just a place for evil spirits.
China had its "1000 Hells" long before the Apostle John conjured up a "Hell" in Revelations
Ruled by the Yomi princes. Deamons, if you will.
The underworld of the vikings was called Hel or Helheim (home of Hel) and it was ruled by Hel (Daugther of Loke, god of mischeif)
Hera Ledro
Sorry I haven't posted in so long. Life's been murder securing this ESL job in S. Korea. I've always liked this particular aspect that you give to the character of mysticism in your work. While magic itself, as you have attested, is no character on its own, I find that the mystique behind magic and the magical realms does tend to flesh itself out into its own character, as seen here. The Fey are but one part of this realm, and yet they are as bound to it as the mortals who so unwittingly wander into its grasp (or are taken against their will). What does this hold, I wonder? I also love Prince Matthew. Spoilers aside, he is a cute little guy. Even if he's a bit spoiled (being a prince, it's natural I think, if unfortunate), I can tell that he has a good heart and isn't some apathetic snob. Love him
Hera Ledro
Fudgemonkeys, it did it again. This is the second time my paragraphs have been squashed into one big paragraph >_< That's what I get for not posting something that long in the forums, I guess.
The thing about the tithe to hell was something of a late introduction, made by the Catholic Church (who could kinda be dicks about other people's folklore.)
heh i have to admit i didn't see that coming. also i miss the forum.
Forum still exists, link's in the menu bar.
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