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Issue 11 - Page 24

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Interesting. Her Majesty is wearing either a full sized sword or a mucking big dagger. You can see the hilt clearly, and it would be quite possible for the sheath to be under her outermost skirts. I wonder, would her necklace or the chain collar with the equestrian pendant serve the same function as an RCSI collar, in a severe emergency?
May not need it since she is both the source of faith and a mage herself.
@Porter - Check the cover. It's a sword, and an old sword at that... Issue 11 Cover
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A sword is part of the official royal regalia.
I would see the sword as a symbol of strength, though given the character, I have no doubt she'd know to use it if it came to that. I really like this image, particularly in the fact that the crown does not dominate her, rather the other way around, she carries the weight of authority, not her vestments. Very nice pose.
No it is quite obvious that her jewels and vestments are a badge of office, much like a police officers badge (tho admittedly a much higher office) and that they are there to mark who she is, not make her who she is. She could be every bit as regal in rags, she looks that strong.
I appreciate that the first thing that one agent thinks to do when told to "do their duty" is bare steel...
Well, it does make sense to make sure a blade is loose in its scabbard. They can get quite well jammed in there, you know...
That's what she said.
^ knew there was going to be at least one of these types of comments eventually.
Random Guy
Men, always waving their swords about.
Teehee^^ Anyway, love this comic so far.
Well, the female agent on her other side might be doing the same thing, it's just obscured behind the queen back. Makes sense, too, seeing how the swords are the only dependeble defense in case of the event going to hell, with guns not working and some such. Also, I believe the jewelry might have a similar effect to the sollars, but as pointed out before, it's quite possibly just additional security normally not needed, since Moraine is a mage herself.
Actually, I think he might be sheathing his sword. He probably had it out sharpening it. As well as, the Queen's circlet is probably in her crown, the base of it. No one ever said the circlet had to be worn around the neck, it would merely be the most convenient...