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Issue 11 - Page 23

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Eric Bloedow
for some reason,i can only see the top 6 inches of the cartoons-ALL of them, not just this one!
Really? That's weird, to say the least. I'll let Matt know. He understands the site code much better than I do. Thanks for letting us know!
it sounds like a loading problem. he may need to close his browser and clear it's catch before revisiting the site. it's worked for me in the past with the sights I've visited had comic that only partially loaded.
The agents catch on quick, don't they? (From "yes mum" to "your majesty")
Ah, the majestic plural appears...
Also useful in case of pregnancy and when talking to patients.
That's nothing! Just wait until she starts using her Royal Canterlot Voice...
Actually, Majesty and majestic are two diffrent words. Majesty in plural is Majesties. Sorry to ruin your plotting :)
HEX the Dark
I think Ian meant this:
I'm to tired to even know what that page was about.
I love the sudden sudden switch to the "Royal We." Nicely written!
@ Aztetos: "Majestic plural" = "Royal We" tense used to denote royal divine right (myself and God speaking) or representation of the people (I and the people speak.)
Knowledge: Collected
Ted Schiller
This will be The Night Of The Iron Spine.
With the crown, she has assumed the mantle, she has shown she needs no trappings to be Queen, but woe to anyone who crosses her tonight.