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Issue 11 - Page 21

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Dizzy the Moth
Moraine: Look, this is significant. *hint hint* Hunter: Uh-huh. *face-palm* Someone needs to give Hunter a nice whack over the head with something blunt and tell him to stop be so thick. And depressed. That needs to stop too.
A cuff about the ears certainly couldn't hurt.
Yeah, for all he knows it could be like Gagoyles and her grandson is the reborn King Arthur or something! Or at least he could pretend to make his job seem cooler. Like I pretend I'm genetically engineering super-mutants to rule the world.
Oh, I read that as "pretend I'm genetically engineered super-mutants" I was about to ask how many people are in there with you, and does it get crowded? *facepalm for not reading*
That's it, no more 'X-Men' comics for you.
Why should he pretend that his job is cooler than it is. He's an agent for a secret organization that investigates, mediates and protects against magic and magic users in his own country (and to a lesser extent, beyond). And on this particular night he's being asked to protect the future ruler of his country and his future patron, all the while there was a sociopathic fey out to get him that is more than likely to be on site that evening.
Been a while, but I'm having strange flashbacks regarding Her Majesty, Her grandson, Hunter, and a hospital room...
I'm starting to think that Hunter should have Brought his sword after all.
Karin Klug-Lais
As an American sometimes I miss the subtle hints --this IS NOT IN ANY WAY SUBTLE--her majesty suspects something and it is going to be big
Yeah, Max is about as observant as a buttered brick at times. ;P
Random Guy
Maybe if Moraine were to light his tail on fire...
Nah Max strikes me as practical if Moraine were to light his tail on fire.. i think hes just look for a way to put it out ASAp
That sounds like a very fun expression, but a big waste of butter.