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That nutter's going to dig his own grave with his mouth, it seems...
Yeah... how about: No way in hell?
Be happy to! As you can see, it's circular and tight-fitting, pure iron construction. Quite heavy and prone to rusting, but very durable and long-lasting with proper care. These two large gentlemen will now escort you off the palace grounds. Ta!
It's when they take it off and offer to give you a 'really close look' that you have to worry. The last thing you want is a blow from one of those to the head.
I take it it's made of really sturdy metal something a little heaver then normal steel?
Just iron with a thin gold plating on top
Coming back for a second comment to this one, but I wanted to remark that I love the layout on this page. It gives me the feeling of watching events unfold in a Hotel Dusk or Phoenix Wright style game, where the action takes place between alternating shots of the characters against a static background image. I love it.