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And all this time I'm crossing my pawfingers and thinking, "let Merrybell really be okay".
Hera Ledro
No, I think she's been Killed Off for Real. Besides, I doubt that would be why Roderick would go back to the Fey realm in any event. There are, shall we say, more important matters to concern himself with. Finding Merrybell would be an excellent bonus, though.
Yes, Merrybell is Killed Off for Real. Not just comic-book dead. (We don't do comic book dead here. Just too much paperwork to juggle)
Phooey! I mean, thanks--but phooey!
Was that supposed to be her grandfather or her dad in the foreground of the fourth panel? Or someone else entirely? Simmons?
Nevermind, I forgot Simmons was a mouse.
Hera Ledro
In the picture are Roderick, Michael, and Marcus, insofar as I can tell.
The agents are Bryan Parker (in the foreground) with John Marcus and Michael Pyrenees in the background. Roderick is already missing at this point.
Hera Ledro
Well bugger me D: Misinterpretations for the lose Q.Q
Hera Ledro
Ah, methinks Doodle is about to get schooled in the nature of the Fet. Watch out, Doodle ^.^
Hera Ledro
...That is to say, the Fey. Stupid typoes are stupid D:
So the Fet, would that be a cross between the Fey and Boba Fett? If so, that IS scary.
Fairies,yes scary. The fey are scary even a Disney Fairy like Tinker Bell if she is angry can mess up your life many times over. The ones from folk lore are truly scary.
I'm starting to wonder if that one fae who Spooky crossed paths with didn't make good on his threat...
Spooky have encounter a fey? (Except for Merrybell)
I think Silka means Hunter?
No, it was Spooky. The encounter isn't shown, only mentioned.
Doodle needs to do some more research in regards to her own job.