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I hope 'Del doesn't keep choking on her foot with her impatience; she's really sympathetic when she's not being arrogant.
Prof B Hunnydew
Will 'Del be ever become a friend or a remain a thorn to Hunter and others? Not that I expect to get an answer to that. But I hope she starts see Hunter and the other as better people than her home grown types before the end. PBH
Hey guys. I understand wanting Del to be more friendly, but unfortunately, people don't change their beliefs so quickly. It takes time. I like Del and I have high hopes for her. But, she needs to be allowed to grow and mature at her own pace. Give her time. Also, please pay attention to what's actually being discussed. You're getting hints to future issues and conflict here. You might want that for later. ;)
people are who they are. Del is so caught up in what she perceives to be her own superiority that she can't view anything else realistically. I've seen similar things in the real world. so spooky isn't dead but that doesn't mean he's still in the world as they know it. he could be in the fae kingdom somewhere.