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She's a slow learner but it seems she does learn.
Hera Ledro
The thing is, I'm not sure if she -did- learn. Remember that she is on Rashanna's orders to do what she can to get closer to Hunter; considering the orders are coming from a VERY high-ranking mage, I would think that Gadel would do whatever it takes to follow through with those orders, even if it means swallowing her pride. I don't trust 'Del, for obvious reasons, but I will admit that she does seem sincere in her efforts.
Death-stare for the win ^^
Kehe, tread veerrrry carefully, Del. =P
That girl had best modify her attitude before she has to find out how good the RCSI's dental plan is.
Hunter actually is a first name, at least in some parts of the English-speaking world, so that one is at least plausible.
I have a cousin who has the misfortune of being named Phoenix. Poor little guy is gonna get it when he reaches school age.
My little brother's name is Phoenix he never had a problem.
Hera Ledro
Yes, it is. However, it's not a -common- name by any stretch of the imagination. In fact I can only name two people off-hand that I know with the name Hunter, and I've met -a lot- of people in my line of work. And, of course, I doubt 'Del would have come across somebody with the real name of Hunter by now. She's far too wrapped-up in the medieval mindset of Astoria.
I imagine she'd have come across a LOT of people with that name, then. It wasn't uncommon in the medieval/feudal eras for children to be named after the father's trade. Archer, Hunter, Cooper, George, etc.. Granted, these are far more common as family names, but it's still not implausible, especially if she thought they were slaves.
So is Gypsy, altho the girl I knew in school who had the name spelled it differently.
Hunter uses Death Glare! It's super effective!!! Sorry, I couldn't resist.
Win. XD
Hera Ledro
Love the strip. 'Del's arrogance stands firm in the face of the non-magical, and Max's death glare is just as withering as his father's (tell him I said that, watch him explode with indignation; though to Max's credit, at least he has good reason). Ruby seems to be a goldmine for information, and she's much smarter than she looks. The art is excellent, and Max's glare is as well-drawn as ever. I particularly like 'Del's arrogant grin in the second and third panels. Very well-drawn expression.