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2011-10-10 10:46:05 
I love the expressions on this page. Really nice variety.
2011-10-10 20:22:42 
I love how absolutely certain Gadel is of Roderick's fate, the same way she was absolutely certain that commoners die before or around the age of 30. XD
2012-07-04 00:54:51 
Gadel is absolutely certain of every single thing she says and believes. That's why she's being caught off guard all the time, because she's learning that she's wrong.
2011-10-11 19:06:31 
Bodies? You don't need bodies, they're overrated. Besides, where bodies are concerned with magic...there usually isn't one left over. In any case, I doubt Roderick would die anyways. I'm hoping that Hunter comes across Roderick if he ever enters the Fey realm, though I suspect Roderick would never be able to return. What will that mean for Moraine, who is rather obviously in love with him (and vice-versa)? And what about the agency? Sure, it can continue in the way it has since command switched, but I think the return of the founder might be a bit of an upset. Art-wise, I'm impressed as always. Excellent work on expressions, and the shading is good as well. I look forward to reading/hearing more.