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Oh look Max this will help you confront your problem of dealing with women. Great page by the way.
Thanks. *laughs* Yeah, the estrogen level in that little flat is getting a little high. :D
What's Estrogen?
Estrogen is the female hormone, like testosterone is the male hormone.
If I were Max, I would be thinking: "Ohh dear... Help?" And great page as always :)
Run, Max! Get out while you still can! *laughs* Thanks.
Ruby looks a little miffed from some reason. i wonder how much she suspects.
I think it has more to do with the fact that she has a snippy, snooty, slaving mage on her couch than anything else. :P
Having a snippy Gadel sitting in your flat commenting on your decorating skills (or lack of) probably isn't Ruby's idea of a good time, no. :D
Not that That Cleavage shes showing isn't going to help max's mood in the least...
I think you're looking at Doodle, not Ruby. Doodle's the one sitting on the closer end of the couch, Ruby's the one standing behind Gadel.
Markius Fox
Nooo, I reached the most up to date I have nothing to read secretly at night! Kidding asside, I love the comic. Me thinks Gadel might be some how related to the Queen. (not a subscriber, btw, please don't kill me audience!)
As I understand the situation most of the aristocracy would tend to be related in one degree or another. After all they don't marry commoners do they? Inbreeding is almost certain to be a major problem if the only new blood is like Whinney(?)
Which one is Gadel again? i thought she was the imported mage.
Gadel is the imported mage. The one with the long hair down to her butt.
Gadel's people are the ones I referred to a closed aristocracy. Only hounds need apply.
There's an old idiom that applies here: "It never rains, but it pours."