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Poor Max, the girl he has to fantasize about just so happens to be his assistant and has a long history problems with the agents she's worked with.
Yeah, but weren't many of her problems due to the agents' attitudes? I get a sense that Max is very much the gentleman in comparison. He's taking a proper conscious action to his dream.
I already read this in the CBR, but I waited for it to come out here so I could comment. This page is one of my favourites. It's where a lot of the problems that Max has to face come to the fore, namely his attraction (both physically and romantically) to Ruby. This has other dimensions that Max would think about - how it would affect his career, or if Ruby would return his feelings (or break his legs), and so on and so forth - which are more than just surface emotions. These are deep thoughts that, in my interpretation, would have been surfacing since Ruby was assigned to him. It's tl;dr, but I thought I might put my two cents in. I love this strip, and this page has to be one of my favourites yet.
I'm sorry, I forgot to leave a comment on the art itself. Ruby's left eye seems a bit high above her nose, even allowing for the tilt of her head. Max's mouth and muzzle also seem a little bit off; the mouth is perhaps too small and the nose too circular. Otherwise the art is excellent; amazing detail on the petals and the water physics in the shower.
Thanks. Yeah, that happens with old art. Especially when you're still learning. I'd love to take some classes in anatomy and comic book layout. It'd make learning all of this a lot quicker. *laughs*
Some how i had a feeling it would be her. Max's reaction was also unsurpriseding as Ruby is one of the few girls that he's opened up to in the strip and given what we've learned about him he'd not want to risk ruin a good friendship with awkward dating fantasizes and such. Add to that his sense of duty his respect of her character and the fact that he's in a position of authority over her and he'd really find himself in an emotional bind.
Honestly, the most prominent thought in my mind is that it must be so much trouble to get all the water out of that body hair.
Actually, drying out short fur is much easier than one might think. You just have to towel off for a bit longer than a person would. My dog has short hair, and after a rainstorm walk she is absolutely drenched. Takes a good ten minutes of toweling a fidgety dog before she's dried xD
I seriously admire and envy Darc in equal measure. CN:H is one of the best written comics around, and the style's grown on me over time too =) One day I might be able to produce something with this much impact...maybe XD
Thanks guys! *blush* We'll get more into Max and Ruby's relationship over time. It's one of those slow moving things. As for how to get all that water out of all that body fur... one industrial strength hair dryer. You know, kind of like that one that Princess Vespa had in 'Spaceballs'. Flip the switch and hold on for dear life. :D
So it *was* something she needed to survive...
finaly read up on the comic. Amasing story and 1st class art(though i must say ruby has a little retarded look on her face cause of the eyes). what can a reader want more.
Thanks. I'm trying to teach myself as I go which, unfortunately, takes a while and leads to clumsy bits now and then.
It's pages like this that keep me looking forward to my weekly dose. The emotions you were able to convey with this were complex and felt true. The art is great as well and supports those complex emotions in the last panel. Thank you.
Thank you for reading and sticking with us. My goal is to try to keep improving and get faster. I still want to increase the update schedule as soon as I can. Once a week just isn't enough.
Samuel D
woah...fantasizin in da shower. calm yo self down bro.
I think the shower came AFTER the fantasizing, in order to cool off, rather than the two being simultaneous...
Love this comic! Good story, well drawn, very entertaining and enthralling, even... (I wish it was still in color, as those colors in the early chapters were nicely done, but I understand how it would slow down production... It certainly won't stop me from reading...)