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Oh indeed? His fault only, eh? And you arrogant magical types and your cruel ways bear no responsibility at all? Feh! Thou wench! Methinks thou needeth a smiting! Smite smite smite! ;3
Not the smiting! Nooooooo! :D
Wow she really is quite bratty isn't she? I agree with Alondro on this, I think both sides have just a smidge of culpability in the situation!
Yeah, she really needs an attitude adjustment. Or a cookie. Everything's better with cookies.
Well I can certainly see how this could influence the story from here on out. Roderick, in love with the then-princess Moraine? SCANDAL! As always, an excellent strip, and I do find myself wondering if miss-mage here will end up reporting this juicy bit of info to her master, and if that will indeed influence the story. I look forward to next week's strip!
Thank you! I really appreciate it! *blush*
M Stover
Well, I find that the last panel would little miss snot nose something that she can relate to. If you think about it. She's as guilty as the Queen for befriending some one lower than her. I wonder how she would react when she learns Hunter is of noble blood and obviously is fine with doing dirty work.
Methinks it would be an absolute scandal to her when she realized his nobility, but hard work comes in different packages. She did extraordinarily hard work to become the mage she is (unless she's a prodigy), but never lifted a finger to do 'menial' labour. It's not so much the hard work that's the problem, it's the humility that comes with doing 'degrading' types of work.
Oh yes! That's going to be fun to write. I'm looking forward to it. :D
I had guessed that the queen had a crush on Spooky back in prologue 3. What I find my self wondering is given the British's love for portraits, why haven't they commissioned an artist to copy the photo into an oil painting.