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Aww... she mad bro
Wow, Ruby looks absolutely mortified. Hmm...shadowy figure in the background? Do I see tip-toeing? Plot bunny, methinks (literally, it looks like)... Though I have not commented on the last couple strips (I don't think...), my opinion applies to all of them: excellent work. Still on pins and needles for more.
Well, Ruby sees her highness more of a motherly figure, and her giving such an order is a shock to Ruby. Max, on the other paw, has no illusions and knows the queen will order very drastic action if required. I imagine the queen's voice was hard as tempered steel when she gave that order.
Heh...Please, it wasn't that weak! More like as tough as a Landlord's Heart ..Or is that Black as a Landlord's heart, and tough as a 2 Copper steak? Hmmm I get those confused... I do know it's as black as a Merchant's Soul though. :D
*laughs* It's the laser-beams from her eyes that you have to watch out for. :D
I've got a semi-related question: what happened to the Sunday Special? I came to read it last week, and it was gone. ^.^
Well, it was announced about 2 months (or more) ago that we were taking it down and putting up a free CBR of the entire story. Check the sidebar. :)