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j heidorn
Do whatever you think best. I'll wait. So sorry you've been stressed.
Thanks. I'm annoyed that I have to push the update increase back, until we can get the RCSI Pub stuff organized and running smoother. Next month's the anniversary and now I don't have anything fun to offer because I'm doing stuff for others. I'm sorry.
On another note, I still like the layout of this page. It's not the best page out there by any means, but it didn't turn out too bad. I need to get bored with layouts more often.
HEX the Dark
Reading RCSI Pub I'm kinda not thinking about a server...
*laughs* Matt used to home-brew for a while. I don't remember why he stopped. I think because neither of us drink much and the process was really messy. :P
Well, I hope I didn't scary away any other possible entrants. :=3 Actually, secretly, I do. *Oops, did I just type that?* 8=0
Uh oh, they're on to you now. ;D