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Hmm... were they not telling her because they were not sure how to do this maybe?
No, if I remember correctly they didn't tell her because they weren't sure how she would take it, especially after that Spooky disappear.
Ah, a Queen one can be loyal to with a full heart.
Yeah, she's an interesting woman. :)
If this Queen's father was anything like our own Queen's Father, I'm speaking of George the Sixth, who refused to leave London during the Blitz, and would walk through the devastated areas to help his people, who had to be stopped from being on board the ships at Normandy and who went out of his way to speak with a soldier's Widow that had been denied entrance to his reception when he visited Alberta, CA. then I'm not surprised she's the way she is.
HEX the Dark
Time to hand out some Swords and Collars to the SAS...
HEY! I've actually got some spare time to post! Everything is good as always, but I'm curious as to why Max and Ruby still have the distant and angered looks (respectively). Max's I can sort of understand - he doesn't seem like the sort of guy who would take being used in this manner, however unintentionally or with best interests in mind, lightly - but Ruby's seems a tad out of place in that it appears ashamed.
Thanks. As for Ruby, she feels it's what her and Max said that caused Moraine to chew CB out. It's probably not a comfortable situation to be in. I'd be ashamed if I got my boss in trouble - and worried about my job. ;P
Ah, that explains it. I also suspect that a lot of what Moraine herself is feeling comes from the fact the Spooky has been MIA for years now, and if I remember right he also went missing in Astoria. Am I right in surmising that much of Moraine's feelings on this matter come from her feelings for Roderick?
C. Mage
The boss got himself in trouble. If the boss wasn't doing anything wrong, he wouldn't have gotten in trouble with the Queen. It's like a crook getting arrested for murder blaming his problems on the witness that got him imprisioned.
Yes but, as I think you may have overlooked, from Ruby's point of view it was her and Max's story that gave the Queen the necessary details to (again, from Ruby's point of view) incriminate her Commander. This isn't saying that CB didn't dig himself a hole (which is far more complex in its ethics than you are giving it credit for), but that Ruby perceives that she and Max helped to steepen the walls of that hole, as it were.
Samuel Dilmar
Yeah! Bring en all home!