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Methinks Moraine is even more cheesed than she's letting on. That snarl at the end is perfectly illustrated - those eyes are just burning. That being said, it's funny and sad at the same time that she forgot that the agents she summoned in the first place were right behind her the whole time. I also love the expressions on Max and Ruby's faces: pained and, I think, truly retiscent to stoke the Queen's anger. Again, exemplary art and story. Can't wait for next Monday!
Thank you! *blush* I love working with Moraine, but she's a little hard for me to write at times. Making her angry / passionate and yet reserved is a balance I'm still trying to get a hold of. :D
Ouch, not quite what they were expecting but true too, they have a lot of things to fix in how they interact with each other, to say nothing of how they all will have to eventually cope with having the young prince takeover when he becomes king.
Too true!
Wow, glad I stumbled upon this one! I don't often look at banner ads, but I'm hooked already.
Thank you! *blush* I'm glad you're enjoying CN:H so far! :D