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Can't wait for Her Majesty to confront Gadel with this bit of info.
That should be interesting. "Lady Gadel, come here for a moment, if you please. I'd like to have a word with you..."
For some reason...this doesn't surprise me. Whether it's lying or simply withholding information, it's what sods in positions of authority -always- do, best intentions or not. Exceptional shading, though I think that totally hiding Her Majesty's right eye (with exception to that little bit) may have been a bit -too- much. Still love that gosh-darn coat of arms xD Manticores and unicorns...god love 'em.
Thanks. Yeah, things got a little too dark right there. One of those 'seemed like a good idea at the time' things. *laughs* Oh well, you learn as you go. I love the RCSI seal too. :D
C, Mage
The more I read this, the more disgusted I get. I wouldn't be surprised if Astoria paid the RCSI higher-ups for all the slaves and people they kill. "Sorry, but the people you sent weren't much fun, but to compensate you for your usual efforts, here you go, as usual, your bag of silver. Thirty pieces, right?"
Hera Ledro
Erm...I don't think so. To date, there is no evidence to suggest that the RCSI officials are actually in league with Astorian courtiers or other high-class authorities. Certainly the Commander has been withholding information, but that's hardly evidence to suggest that there is a conspiracy.
C. Mage
Never said there was a conspiracy. Just said that if there WAS, it wouldn't surprise me.
The problem with any government agency, real or ficticous, is that they keep EVERYTHING they do close to the chest in order to protect as many people as possible. I give you the bombing of the british town of Coventry in WWII
Surely a manticor would have a scorpion's tail? That's just a lion rampant. A fit motto for Astoria would be "quia possum" - "because I can".
What's the motto on the coat-of-arms say?
It says "fidelitas quod silentium" which I've been told is Latin for "loyalty and/with silence". I hope I've been told right.
Finally, somebody with SENSE in charge. Mental note, boys and girls, if you find a rabid dog in your path, the plan should not be to feed it your siblings and hope it'll let you pass. You find another way around the damned dog. I don't know what the motto is for Astoria's heraldry, though...what's Latin for, "Power corrupts"?
HEX the Dark
Next we'll learn he's been misappropriate funds, or something. I see it coming!