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Issue 3 - Page 23

This issue is extra special because it's a Sponsored Issue! Thank you!

Fred may be friendly, but he still has a job to do. Page in progress. The fully shaded version will go live this evening. I apologize for the delay. I stopped for a few hours Tuesday evening to attend an author talk and by the time we returned home my hand was stiff and swelling. The talk was excellent! I'll write a post about it a little later.

Thanks guys!

If you'd like to see the sketch without words, please click here.

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Comments [14]:

They are injustice. They are the terror that whinnys in the night. They. Are. THE WILD HUNT. *Krak-a-thoom*
Poor Fred... he keeps dropping the gas gun.
Aw, Fred, can't you cut them a little slack? Think of all the future runs you could have!
Long term planning is not one of Fred's strong points. :D
Next time, listen to your friends dear boy.
"Taking the advice of others? That's positively daft! Oh, Jeeves has just informed me that *not* taking well thought out advice is the daft bit." *looks at the Hunt* "He may have a point there..."
He hit them so hard he knocked the ink right out of them :)
I hate when that happens. You're tooling along, minding your own business when BAM, some bozo sideswipes all the shading off you.
What a page! Even the typography is terrific.
Thanks! Crazy thing... I've been using Photoshop since '98 and I just now realized I can rotate a block of text like that. *laughs*
Thank you for the page in progress! It's always amazing to see the background details, and how you built the layers up and add in the shading, especially when you have to start with something as black as Fred's body.
Thank you! Some pages the dark areas go down easily. Other's take a little more time to build the graphite up slowly so I don't accidentally tear through the paper. The stuff I use is pretty good quality, but I press a little hard at times. :D
That top right panel is absolutely brilliant. I love how Fred is coming out of the page. Though I may not be able to sleep tonight...
Fred just wants to give you a hug... :D