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Issue 3 - Page 21

This issue is extra special because it's a Sponsored Issue! Thank you!

I got it into my head to do the next two CN:H pages as a double spread as well... which led to drawing a tavern full of happy Fey. I still have some work left to do. As a result, here's the second part of this week's spread. All in all I'm pleased with how this set turned out.

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Comments [21]:

Petrov Neutrino
Wow! The lighting in this spread is incredible, especially when you consider that it is pencil! The depth of field in the trees is astounding. Also, the look on Bertie's face is perfect - just the right mix of concentration and panic. Thank you.
Thanks! It's going to be an interesting challenge figuring out how to do the Hunt in pencil. I won't have access to the fire brushes I'm used to using.
Amazing work as always. You know, when you 'get things into your head' you end up with wrist issues and we end up with amazing art and our jaws on the floor. Way to suffer for us! :) :) Luv ya!
Thank you! I love doing these larger spreads. As long as I keep enough spare pencils around it's all good.
Adding my two bits worth to the above praise! Darc, you make your pencils sing operatic sagas not just little ditties. As for Bertie, he never fails to entertain with his naïve interpretation of life.
Thank you! As for poor Bertie he's going to need a safe place to hide and a bracing cup of tea after all this.
An amazing piece of artwork. you have some serious skills.
Thanks! *blush*
Merchant of Pain
Oh, poor Bertie. Expanding your horizons is usually a worthwhile endeavor, but it is never pleasant to expand your horizons of terror.
Baby steps, Bertie. Baby steps.
Great art! And Bertie's world expands. Have to wonder, though, what would happen if the Hunt met up with Aunt Agatha.
Merchant of Pain
They would probably cart her up and literally sell her to Hell! Tithes to the Devil himself are harsh.
Either that, or she'd terrify them so much she'd end up in charge of the Hunt! :D
Well he was Told to stay inside tonight! :P
He just doesn't listen, I swear...
I know the story isn;t about Bertie and Jeeves but I can only hope they escape
We'll have to see. The car won't fair well though.
Thank you!
This is beautiful. Is there a link anywhere to the whole image?
Thanks! I posted the full version without lettering on one of my Tumblrs - - Sorry about the long URL there.