Issue 3 - Page 20

This issue is extra special because it's a Sponsored Issue! Thank you!

I love you Bertie, but your speech is a pain in the butt to write.

I started this page with a brand new B pencil. When I ended, I had a little over two inches of pencil left. It was wild! Graphite everywhere! That being said, the page still needed some editing in Photoshop to get the lighting right.

If you'd like to see the sketch without words, please click here.

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Comments [16]:

"with the jockeys of the Apocalypse!" I love that description of The Hunt. I can't wait to see how you depict The Hunt these days!
I think Bertie described the Four Horsemen like that in one of the books, but now I can't remember which one. *laughs*
I would have loved a mate like Bertie in school. The trouble we could have gotten in.
He is a bit of a mischief magnet, isn't he? :D
You have his voice to a tee! Excellent stuff. Can't wait for the next page though...
Thanks! I'm debating putting the next page up tomorrow in lieu of a CN:H page. I've an urge to do a double spread for the next two CN:H and those take more time to work up.
Also, you know, the light effects are pretty cool to, especially in pencil!
A good chunk of the ones here were done in Photoshop. The tricky bit was trying to make them not overpower the pencils.
That pencil died in valiant service, and this looks AWESOME!!!
Thank you! Luckily I've a few more Bs waiting in the wings.
The Grand Admiral
The extra effort for the authentic dialogue definitely pays off! I'm enjoying how different it is! But after rereading some of the earlier comic, I do have a question about Bertram. Allen says he served with him during the war. But he does seem to be younger than I had thought. How old is Bertram?
Wodehouse didn't peg down an exact date for Bertie or Jeeves' births, so I kind of guesstimated and put Bertie as being born in 1900. It's currently 1948 in the comic. The thing about Bertie is he has this almost naive mentality about him that makes him seem younger than his years. He's flighty, easily distracted, a bit bungling, and prone to somewhat childish behavior at times. He's also a friendly and lovable person. Bertie never seems to have aged while Jeeves seems to have never been young.
Wooster better hope his auto has plenty of petrol.
And doesn't suffer a major malfunction.
Or a terrible crack up... (dun dun dunnnnn)
That poor car...!