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Issue 3 - Page 19

This issue is extra special because it's a Sponsored Issue! Thank you!

Mercy just being Mercy... Sorry for being quiet lately. These darn night scenes, man. I swear.

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Comments [8]:

Iron Ed
This one is great for the characters and their lines; especially the last two panels. :-) My favorite Mercy scene so far!
Next scene: Cue Mr. Allen freaking out!
I like Mercy. She's fun.
Am I weird for wanting a plushie or a pin of Mercy?
Random Guy
Yes, but we're all in that boat together, so at least the company is good!
I can only echo the comments of others about how much fun Mercy is. Maybe she's found that if you're a creature who feeds off other people's fun, then it's better to be a fun person yourself. Or maybe it's the other way round. Or maybe she's just like that...
KC Jones.II
Her heart is most definitely in the right place offering to help escort Robert to Michael's home. But somehow I doubt that The Hunt will be honoring Mercy's escorting a mortal to another mortal's home. Think I got that right, right?
KC Jones.II
Mercy wouldn't be anything less than her usually beautiful self.