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Issue 3 - Page 18

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Yep, Mercy's lived in the same flat since the 1940s. She's never had any desire to move out. All that packing and hauling of boxes... such a hassle.

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Comments [14]:

I was about to ask if that was Mercy! And I am looking at the pub sign... Bird and a Cage? or what?
It would seem that what appears to be the top of a birdcage is a crown above the bird. However, since ravens are normally black, I would have expected the bird to be black with white highlights. However, it might be that the current coloring is easier on the wrist, and will be changed for the final color version.
Just to clarify things, you're looking at the final version.
Zor Underpaw
Pretty sure it's a Crown and Raven going by the title mentioned in the previous panel
Chrysi Cat
I can't say I blame her one *bit* for that decision. I've lived in two different places during at least part of my adulthood: one for 16 years until I was 21, then this last one for 19. And I think it would take me five months to be ready to leave. 😈
As someone who lives in the UK, can i say how much I appreciate how you get the details and the feel of suburban London just right. Sash windows!
KC Jones.II
Oh mercy, dear Mercy. Now that is hilarious. Mercy in that one panel almost reminds me of that Mercy style spicy movie with Burt and Dolly. Just an observance and nothing more.
Mercy does look like she'd be running a chicken ranch doesn't she.
KC Jones.II
Even though this is in England, I agree.
Mercy! Yay! Also, uh... am I the only one that wants to get cash together to buy a place just so I can have some design aesthetic like the door and architecture there? because wow...
Come live in any of the London suburbs. Just be prepared to pay insane money for a little -bitty living space.
It may be expensive but look at all of that cosmic historical places to go. That is why I love C:NH or Call the Midwife because just the simple transportation to places I would DIE to see!
Yeah but think of over 1000+ years of cosmic history all over the UK! I would just get myself to win the lotto and I'll be set! :D
Very nice.. take care of yourself Darc