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Hey guys! Thank you for sticking with me during the downtime of the last few weeks. Between the holidays, the wiring of the house, and my catching this year's flu, I've been pretty useless lately. I really appreciate you all hanging in there. You rock!

I'm still sick, which is slowing things down a bit. As for Catherine, she has a reason for her behavior. You'll find out more next week.

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Comments [10]:

Poor Allen looks like he's just waiting for the axe to fall.
He is. It doesn't matter that Moraine is the one that approached him, he shouldn't of let her in. Its a nasty catch22 for Allen
Oh Allen. There are people that never will understand fully what it means to be a true servant. While Allen could offer so many different excuses he will offer none. His loyalty lies to the Crown and if that means his job must be sacrificed to keep Moraine's reputation in tact, so be it. The Crown must be upheld as the pinnacle of righteousness and good at all times. The Crown is ordained by God. Allen knows all of this and realizes his job is nothing in comparison. Very well done, Darc.
He has no excuse because he's done nothing wrong. He couldn't have refused the Princess. Not that that will matter...
Well, if you were to ask her mother, The Queen would say, Allen absolutely could/should have said no and removed her from the Men's/servant area immediately. Even Allen's friend said that was probably the best action. Moraine here is young, she may not understand/care about all the proper protocol necessary when it comes to The Crown, but Allen has been there long enough to know better. Yes it is a game of weighing doing what was right in the moment & understanding any action that you do may impact your ability to do your job and/or your position in the future. Allen made one of these choices already when he picked up Moraine in the Fey realm and removed her against her will, so Allen absolutely knows the necessity for such actions. That being said, he was forgiven once for his decision. Forcibly removing Moraine a second time, while 100% proper, would probably mean that he wouldn't be where he is in the current story as Moraine wouldn't be so trusting of him. In this story tho, Allen has no excuse because the ONLY course of action that would have been 'allowable' or 'proper' would have been to escort Moraine away and the Queen knows this. Now this doesn't make The Queen a bad person and I hope folks won't see her as that. Her duty is to The Crown which is bigger than any one person. ANY scandal that might negatively effect The Crown is simply not to be allowed. Simply put, Allen was in a position to stop this from happening, he didn't and was caught by a servant. Where one servant already has come forth, there is every possibility that someone will leak it to the press. So yeah, Allen did do something wrong in the eyes of protocol. Sometimes tho doing the right thing is wrong and sometimes doing the wrong thing is right. Unfortunately for The Crown, there is no 'grey' areas.
Oh goodness... oh, Allen...
KC Jones.II
I'm not sure if I'm right or wrong or even both, but something is nagging at me and I dare no give too much voice until we see how Catherine's gambit is going to play out. I will offer this much, sometimes the ones informing have the greatest to loose.
KC Jones.II
Thoughts on Code Name: Hunter I can read this in Catherine's narrowed eyes: Catherine: Bloody rubbish Robert! You think me daft, man? That pompous Frederick has his eyes set squarely on your position. And I know that you've been aware of that stupid situation for quite some time now. So I'll ask it again. Do you, my most loyal and longest serving friend have any excuse for this bothersome escapade? I warn that if you don't tell me, that rat of a man will have your job and you'll be sacked and without references from myself or this whole household. Miss Fennaweave's been fuming even worse than usual about it as well. Well, damn it man, defend yourself! Mind that this is purely speculation on my part and I apologize if it gives anything away.
The Queen is going to get a horrid surprise if she thinks Moraine is going to tolerate having Allen sacked. OTOH, I can see the Queen being quite aware of that other servant's reputation, and just using this to see how loyal/trustworthy Allen is. The Queen isn't stupid.
Adam Pillari
Even as this looks like a bad situation, I love how classy Mr. Allen is here. Loyal to the end. Even when his job is on the line, he refuses to betray Mori,