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Issue 3 - Page 04

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Well, so much for that idea...

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Comments [11]:

The lost art of Beazel Tossing. Those were the days.
Then it became commercialized and there were all those scandals about performance enhancing drugs... completely ruined the sport.
I have to ask; what is a beazel?
It means a young woman. Bertie uses some odd slang at times.
Ah, I see. I tried looking it up but lets just say the results were not polite or acceptable for a lady.
oh, dammit so much.
Panel 4 was originally supposed to say, "What could POSSIBLY go wrong?" but that line was found to be a bit too hackneyed.
I take it that the queen doesn't do magic. I doubt if someone that naive would be well respected.
There is, after all, the Drones Club. There's been a lot of things tossed through doorways at that establishment. I think the club porter still turns pale when you mention the Affair of the Piano. A fellow like Mr. Allen would be an ornament to the club. More so that Catsmeat Potter-Pirbright would.
Welp, time for Queen vs Princess cage match! My bet is firmly on the young lady, but it shall be interesting to see how she handles herself!
Iron Ed
I suspect the Princess will prove her wits by finding a way to clear Robert's name, get the twit burned, AND make Mum proud of her.