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Issue 3 - Page 01

This issue is extra special because it's a Sponsored Issue! Thank you!

Yes, I'm playing with P. G. Wodehouse's characters. Why? Because I have no shame. While I'll do my best to mimic Bertie's speech, he's turning out to be a little tricky to write. So if things are a bit off, please cut me some slack. We're all just having fun here.

Speaking of Bertie's speech, now and then he tends to abbreviate words to just their first letter. Usually the abbreviated word was one he previously mentioned - for instance, "g." being "glove".

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Comments [15]:

Interesting! Quite a crash!
I had way too much fun drawing that. :D
And we are off !!! Another issue! :) :) Boy that car must have taken you ages to draw, Darc.
It wasn't too bad. Figuring out the lighting was a bit more tricky.
Well I think you've got the tone rather well, especially considering that this is a bit more than Bertie usually had to put up with.
Poor Bertie... Out for a nice, pleasant drive and some evil entity pops up. Or a girl his Aunt Agatha wants him to marry who's armed with a flame thrower.
Well, you did certainly not only catch the abbreviation tic that Bertie has, but also his habit of slightly bollixing up quotations, as in the first panel. Noteworthy is the detail on the car, including the Automobile Association badge. Inveterate readers of Plum's work do want to know if Anatole will show up.
Thanks! Ooo, I'm not sure. I'd love to find a way to work Anatole in. He'd be so much fun to write!
Oh, this is intriguing... and I feel like I'm going to learn new things by reading this chapter.
Hopefully it'll be fun. I couldn't resist bringing these two into the story. :D
*goes a happy dance that you made QUITE a Jeeves and Wooster reference like you did* :D
Woohoo! *joins in dancing*
Iron Ed
Love the car! I know it's the wrong make, but it reminds me of John Steed's car in the original "Avengers" tv show. :-)
Oh yeah! What was Steed's car? It was beautiful.
His was a Bently