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Issue 2.5 - Page 10

This issue is extra special because it's a Sponsored Issue! Thank you!

Now, now, Fredrick. Remember, snitches get stitches. In the meantime, meet Moraine's mom. I'll have her information up on the cast page once I've the rest of the shading down. Likely by this afternoon.

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Comments [11]:

Carl Foxmarten
Oh crud, I'd forgotten that this is before she'd become queen... =0.0=
Yep, her father's not doing too well health-wise, but he's still on this side of the grass.
Oh dear, she's doing the Spock Eyebrows. This can't be good.
"My daughter is highly illogical."
Freddie's so going to get what's coming to him...
He's not a popular guy, that's for sure.
I get the sense that Catherine, as frustrating as Mori can be to her... you do NOT try to throw her daughter, or any of the palace staff Mori LIKES and moreover relies on, under the freaking bus.
And here I was hoping Freddy would burst in to flame and run out a window and explode.
But that would cause so much damage to the carpets, drapes, and window...
Red hair... who knew? The thing is, Freddy isn't thinking long term. He might get Allen fired, but when Moraine becomes Queen, she is assuredly bound to correct this grievous error of her mother and ensure that Fredrick will never be able to work in any capacity in England, period. Such short term thinking is amateurish at best. That being said, little details like the design on the cup. carpet and chair. This is why I love Darc's drawings, such attention to little details. And the Queen! Finally!
Long-term thinking isn't one of Fredrick's strong points, true. Thanks! The little details are fun to add in now and then. :D