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Issue 2.5 - Page 09

This issue is extra special because it's a Sponsored Issue! Thank you!

It looks like Emily has an idea... Shading will be up later this afternoon. Thanks guys!

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Comments [5]:

No, Emily, it's not that kind of comic...
Henry K9
My thoughts also at her expression !
Oh my, what a frightening expression, this is going to be fun! (for us!) XD Say, what's this AKISMET thing, some kind of spam filter?
Hi there. AKISMET is one of several spam filters available on the web. We use it on the anonymous comments as a precaution against bots coming in and causing havoc. It's a little overzealous at times.
I like how you redrew the last panel, Darc. With Emily that look can mean all sorts of things, including "ooh perhaps a finger or two of scotch" to "reading him to sleep like mum did" Of course it is completely against the rules...unless Moraine gives her explicit permission! :)