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Issue 2.5 - Page 06

This issue is extra special because it's a Sponsored Issue! Thank you!

Lack of sleep sucks. Lack of sleep caused by bad dreams, or memories, is even worse.

Apparently I've given up on the whole 'no shading' thing. I just can't seem to quit it. They look so dull without it to me. Hopefully you all enjoy the extra effort.

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Comments [8]:

Yeah, I kinda thought the shading was creeping back in. Maybe the change in schedule will help. Cos it does look great... And Frederick, overhearing stuff is one thing, deliberately spying is another.
It just won't go away. *laughs* The schedule change does help a bit. I've a little down time between pages to rest the hand if necessary. As for Fredrick... that dude's going to come to a bad end if he keeps pushing his luck.
Frederick's about to be introduced face-first to the door... and then promptly defenstrated.
Fredrick does not do subtle well. Nope, not at all.
Petrov Neutrino
-heh- Yes, the shading has been there all along, never fully gone, and while I know how painful it is for you the results are amazing. I also like the site design changes! Nice work!
I just can't quit it. I enjoy the results too much. It just means I get to spend Mon and Thurs reading due to resting the hand. Oh no. :D Thanks about the site. We're still fiddling with things, trying to find something that will work out well for most folks.
Yes, I definitely enjoy shading/highlights when its done by by a practiced and intuitive hand; and you most definitely do. I do sympathize with the huge time input but it is such a pleasure to look at your artwork. I'm going to show my ignorance by asking this, but would you take on a partner to do some of the coloring and shading?
Thanks. I'm afraid I'm not really comfortable bringing another in to help with the coloring. I don't have the funds to pay another artist and I don't want to ask anyone to work for free. I've been playing with some tools in Photoshop which are helping me lay the bases down quicker. That and taking a down day between page should help a lot. :D