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Issue 2.5 - Page 05

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Hey guys! We're going to move the AYAD updates to Mondays. I've been having a lot of TOS (thoracic outlet syndrome) flareups lately which are making working on pages back-to-back a little tricky. So, we'll try it with a couple of days in between and see if that helps things.

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Comments [7]:

Is Moraine still a teenager here? Because he blithe assumption of how her mother will react is very teenage... Also, I think the change of schedule sound very sensible. Also, god you're a fast reader...
That should, of course, be 'HER blithe assumption'. Damn the lack of 'edit' on this thing...
She's in her twenties, but still pretty naive. It doesn't occur to her that her mom could do much that would upset Allen or Emily's lives. That, and Mori figures if her mom does try to kick up a fuss, she can fix things. As for reading... we don't have cable due to how expensive it is out here. There's not much to do at night except relax and read. :D
Carl Foxmarten
Sounds like Allen's still having problems managing the male staff... =>.
He's still trying to figure out what to do. Personally, I'm all for dropping Fredrick off a cliff, but that might draw too much attention to things...
Although the British Empire is greatly reduced, there must surely be posts that are ... less than desirable. The US military used to use certain posts in the far North for this purpose. A posting in Central Africa, where the electricity and water cannot be depended on would be nice. There are places in India where it rains nearly continually for much of the year.
I understand the coastal defense batteries in the Australian Outback could use a few more men.