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Hey guys! Sorry for delaying AYAD's return by a week. My arm was a mess after being in the car for two days straight. I pushed through the flareup for last week's CN:H page and didn't have enough control left to handle AYAD. But we're back now. Thanks for sticking with us! I appreciate it!

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2016-06-24 05:10:32 
Awww, poor Emily...
2016-06-24 09:40:03 
Why, Ms Sowers, you've fair lifted my spirits on this dark day, so you have.
2016-06-29 10:27:16 
Things are so crazy right now. Hang in there.
2016-06-24 13:46:36 
Sadly she is right. Hang in there, Emily, you'll get your happy ending.