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Issue 2.5 - Page 03

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When Emily gets an idea in her head, she sticks with it.

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Comments [6]:

What's being a princess for if you can't pull a few strings? Really enjoying this stuff. All the intrigue of Downton Abbey without the clunky plotting. And more faeries.
Thanks! The funny thing is I managed to get my folks hooked on 'Downton Abbey' but haven't seen much of it myself. I enjoyed the few episodes I've seen, but haven't gotten around to watching the rest of the series. Hopefully someday.
I loathe Downtown Abbey. But then I loathe all soap operas. I'd sooner sit through the complete Ring cycle by Wagner in one go than watch a soap.
That's one of the beauties of life... the fact that we can all enjoy different things.
I love Emily is talking babies and the dream of many women to marry and settle down like a proper lady should. Mori just isn't having any of the "social norms". She is going to be a great Queen when she becomes one. Oh wait.... :)
I can't help thinking Emily would be a wonderful mother. She's had a lot of practice looking after her younger siblings. :D