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Issue 2.5 - Page 02

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Oh Emily... you're just too sweet at times. If you know where the Rosie M. Banks reference came from, give yourself a cookie. Or two. Maybe even three. Life's always better with cookies.

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Comments [15]:

Aww! Blushing Emily is adorable.
She is! Just a little cutie!
Rosie M. Banks! Ha, I see what you did there. Now I'm wondering what she looks like in this world, along with all the rest of them. Possibilities abound!
I saw an opening, and I took it. :D I'm not sure about Rosie M. Banks, but to me Madeline Bassett, despite her name, would be a rabbit.
Nope, all I've got is Iain M. Banks, but I doubt that's it. Still, this is one ferociously cute page...
Try googling the following combinations on Google romance novels banks romance novels rosie Then look for Scotland and Wales in the descriptions To solve puzzles like this, you need a mind trained on twisty passages, all alike
Thanks. Yeah, I was having a little fun with this one. :)
I think I have listened to My Fair Lady too many times. I couldn't help but read that middle panel in Liza Doolittle's voice. -grin-
Iron Ed
Miss Brahms from "Are You Being Served" for me. ;-) I like the first and last panel expressions best. :-)
I've had 'Are You Being Served?' running in the background while working this part week. I guess Miss Brahms kind of snuck in. :D
Oh, I haven't watched 'My Fair Lady' in so long! I should watch that again.
Ah, we have a PG Wodehouse fan somewhere in the ranks... Rosie M Banks aka Mrs Bingo Little, that writer of as Bertie Wooster described it, "the most pronounced and widely read tripe ever put on the market." As you read through Plum's interesting gallop through English society, you find she's a prodigious author with a vast volume of output.
Oh yes. I've been slowly working my way through Wodehouse's books. My goal is to read them all if I can. They're just so fun!
Awwwwwwwwww~ This is so CUTE!
She is, isn't she? Thank you!