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Issue 2.5 - Page 01

This issue is extra special because it's a Sponsored Issue! Thank you!

Thanks for the support last week, guys! Issue 23 of CN:H is all mapped out and ready to go! As for today's comic, I got a little too carried away with some of the panels on this page. I appologize for that. I'll have the full color version up later this evening! *grin* ALL DONE! Thanks guys and sorry for the delay!

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Comments [5]:

Man, that statue! Now I want to see Furry Statues of London.
Jenora Feuer
Ahh, 'The Prince', aka the world's most-read job application. Unless you believe, as many do, that Machiavelli was actively trolling the Medici family with it...
Your backgrounds are simply amazing and always worth the wait.
The Prince usually ticks me off because americans assign it in high school and he's actually got a different book (the discourses) for running republics. Here, it's actually appropriate.
Machiavelli... well, can't say there's any poor taste in literature. ... Worry if Moby Dick shows up though.