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Thanks for the support last week, guys! Issue 23 of CN:H is all mapped out and ready to go! As for today's comic, I got a little too carried away with some of the panels on this page. I appologize for that. I'll have the full color version up later this evening! *grin* ALL DONE! Thanks guys and sorry for the delay!

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2016-05-06 05:02:30 
Man, that statue! Now I want to see Furry Statues of London.
Jenora Feuer
2016-05-06 10:53:52 
Ahh, 'The Prince', aka the world's most-read job application. Unless you believe, as many do, that Machiavelli was actively trolling the Medici family with it...
2016-05-06 16:23:47 
Your backgrounds are simply amazing and always worth the wait.
2016-05-07 09:38:53 
The Prince usually ticks me off because americans assign it in high school and he's actually got a different book (the discourses) for running republics. Here, it's actually appropriate.
2016-05-11 22:49:58 
Machiavelli... well, can't say there's any poor taste in literature. ... Worry if Moby Dick shows up though.