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Issue 2 - Page 23

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Now, now Fredrick... that's not how we make friends. To see the sketch of this page, please click here.

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Comments [11]:

Uh oh this is rapidly descending into something very bad for everyone involved.
I do not sense this ending well for Fredrick here.
Name: Fredrick *Note: non-rehireable.
Fredrick... how very Thomas-like!
OH, no, this will NOT end well. Can we let the Fae have him? :)
"Allen, have you seen Fredrick?" "Mum, I'm afraid he got to close to a Fey gate and was, sadly, taken." "WHAT? We need to save him!" "... Do we HAVE to?"
Jenora Feuer
I don't think Fredrick has really thought this out... if nothing else, he's just demonstrated that he has no qualms about making use of personal secrets of his employers. That's a quick way of making yourself completely unemployable in that business.
This is just giving Allen more reason to slam him into the wall several more times...
I vote we just let Moraine have him. I have a feeling that meeting the budding Aspect will...ahem Silence young Freddy.
Allen needs to be careful here. When the Red Mist descends it's never good.
Me thinks Freddy is about to learn the difference between trustworthy and not.