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Meet James's roommate, Fredrick Manning. Who, frankly, is kind of a jerk. To see the sketch of this page, please click here.

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2016-02-19 12:18:09 
I've just got to say-- I love the new site. So snazzy! As for Fredrick, I'm getting that visceral want-to-punch-his-face-in feeling already.
2016-02-23 10:46:39 
Thanks! Matt's been working on this new version of Clickthulu for well over a year now. It's been a pretty massive rebuild from the ground up, but the results are awesome! And yay for punching Fredrick in the face!
2016-02-19 12:58:59 
I have a feeling Allen will do the old, 'gotta keep the Queen' safe routine and it will be Moraine who will straighten out Fredrick.
2016-02-23 10:48:41 
Oh yeah, Fredrick's a concern... not just for Allen, but James and Ben as well. The guy just can't keep his nose out of other people's business. Especially if he thinks he can profit by it.
2016-02-19 15:11:47 
He can insinuate, but he doesn't have any proof. So it's just a staff member spreading ugly rumours. Not sure how well that would go down...
2016-02-19 16:59:10 
If he can get "proof," very badly, but given the time frame libel and slander still had severe repercussions.
2016-02-23 10:49:14 
Especially if those rumors reach the right ears.
2016-02-20 00:55:40 
Next Page: "And then Allen threw Fredrick through a Fey Gate and he was neeeever seen again."
2016-02-20 10:51:59 
I'm reading that in the voice of Gir...
2016-02-23 10:49:39 
"He's gettin' eaten by a shark."
2016-02-20 19:10:39 
"And then Allen threw Fredrick through a Fey Gate and THEY ATE WAFFLES!" :D
2016-02-23 10:50:32 
"I made waffles! They have waffle in them!"
2016-02-24 00:44:52 
I'm gonna sing the DOOM song now! Doom doom do-doom doom do-doom doom DOOOM...
2016-02-20 23:11:05 
Looking awesome, Darc!
2016-02-23 10:51:16 
Thank you! I'm actually pleased with how this one turned out.
Iron Ed
2016-02-21 07:42:25 
I'm wondering how Frederick is still employed there, or got there in the first place.
2016-02-23 10:52:08 
Unfortunately he hasn't done anything yet to get himself removed, surprisingly.
Iron Ed
2016-02-25 22:54:30 
Looks like he's about to make his move...
2016-02-21 17:13:57 
Woot gravatar icon worked!
2016-02-23 10:52:16 
2016-02-23 23:39:28 
Ooooh, I've got Downton Abbey vibes here... Fredrick is the Thomas of this service staff. Always keep an eye on that one...