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Comments [9]:

Ha! What a matchmaker! XD
I LOVE that wink in the last panel! Something about it...
Maybe I just need sleep. Maybe it says something about me. But I see the first panel of this in lines and I think, "Heehee... bum shot."
Wet Blanket?
Well, if you don't have a GRASP of the ANATOMY, you don't know where the sheer fabric should fall!
Larry O
Great story, Darc. Thank you for sharing.
I've really loved the conversation between these two, charged with lots of things just under the surface.
Allen is proving to be a strong adviser to Moraine i this series. Will you be showing how Emily grows in to her role as well?
I love how we are seeing the young Moraine, Allen and Emily here and the older versions in the other story line. This must confuse poor Darc at times. :)
Impressive Thank you