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Issue 2 - Page 18

This issue is extra special because it's a Sponsored Issue! Thank you!

First of all... it's Matt's birthday today! Woohoo! Party hard, Hun!

Personally, Allen, I've always believed it takes a truly intelligent person to understand that they don't know everything. And a confident person to admit it.

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Comments [17]:

I think I've said this before, but I adore your poses. They are so thoroughly expressive, and it adds so much depth to the already fantastic story. Allen's hands and feet are fantastic, too.
Thank you. Poses and expressions are something I've been working to improve on for the last year or so. :D
Whoo! Birthday! Also... if I might make a silly request, could you start leaving up the sketch versions as a link below the finished page? there's something I find amazing about them all on their own.
Tom Fishbach of TwoKinds has this thing where if you click the comic the sketch page pops up in it's place. No idea how you'd do that though! Also, Allen continues to speak Truth to Power. And also, Happy Birthday Matt!
You'd just set up your page image within an href link to the image of the sketch. If they post their pages here through some kind of a script with a template, that might require some modification to the template to automagically create the link, and to the script to expect two images instead of one. If they manually create each page from a blank copy then it's just a small extra step to put the sketch url in the right spot. :p
I'd rather not host them on the server, but I'm thinking a Tumblr set aside just for the sketches, with a link to each post under the corresponding page, could work. It will take me a few days to get it up, but I'll begin working on it here in a bit.
Love the comics! The corgi is cute too! I gather the pages we see in Hunter this week will be further fleshed out here, eh!!
Thanks. Yeah, Ruby Mae is a little cutie.
Happy Birthday Matt! Hope it's a great one! Some philosophical debating going on here. and OMG... you still have my comic listed in your sidebar! THANK YOU!!
This issue took a slightly different direction than I was planning. I may need to go back and redraw the cover if I have a spare moment. You're welcome! :D
Happy Birthday to you, Matt. Hope you have fun on this most auspicious day.
There was much Lego-ing. So many Legos!
Loving everypage so far! Just a quick teensy question... on page 16 (I only just noticed,) did Allen mean to say "Peraphs"? or was he aiming for "Perhaps", and he's just really tired- it being the middle of their night and all?
Thanks, Darc will get it soon. Tho in the future, this sort of thing is better sent by email.
Thank you. Yeah, by the time I hit the lettering I often have a hard time typing lately. I try to catch everything, but some stuff slips by.
WOW... that moonlight effect is gorgeous. Well Done Darc!
Love how these last two pages came out with the coloring. And Allen is so humble, yet so wise, too. What a wonderful person to have as a confidant.